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Swim Instructor Info

Hi my name is Emily Gersper. This summer I will be coordinating your child’s swim lessons at the field club pool. I am a senior at Fairmont State University and I am majoring in Business Administration. In addition to being a full time student, I am a scholarship awarded athlete on the women’s swim team. I have been competitively swimming the majority of my life, and I am entering my 12th and final year of swimming this fall.

I have been giving swim lessons since I was 12 years old and have experience teaching/coaching children of all ages. I feel that all children need to learn how to swim in order to be able to save themselves in case of emergency, as well as being able to enjoy the sport I have been so lucky to do for my entire life.

I will make sure through a designated curriculum that your child is introduced to all of the skills that they need to learn how to swim and create a safe environment for them to have fun.

I look forward to this summer with all of you! 

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